My New Halloween Party Invitations


Hello! I’m so excited about these new Halloween party invitations because they’ve been so much fun to make, I don’t want to move on to Christmas designs. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I can’t believe I didn’t make that many designs for it in the past. This year, I’ve made 8 new invitations, and if you look in the Halloween category in the FancyCelebration store, I’m also adding other matching items as well.

Here are the Halloween party invitations:

Halloween Party Invitations by FancyCelebration on Zazzle

I loved making the zombie girl and the creepy twins. The cauldron and the brain ones really catch your eye. And you can’t go wrong with graveyards and haunted houses. I have plenty of ideas for more – but they’ll probably have to wait until next year. If you want to read more about my designs and see some basic GIMP tutorials and writer prompts, stop by my blogspot blog here.


Looking for a funny, spooky book to read this Halloween? Check out RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

All designs copyright MK Hess


Zombie & Halloween Designs

Funny Zombies & Halloween on Zazzle
     Here are some of my zombie / Halloween – type designs on Zazzle. Halloween is coming up so fast! I’m busy working on Christmas and trying to navigate some website-building sites like Weebly (here’s one I made for my favorite funny holiday designs) and Wix (here’s one I just set up for a mixture of business cards). But so far, I’m not that skilled at promotion. I just figured out what an RSS feed is, and I’m still not sure if I know how to use it. I like to experiment and see what can be done, promotion-wise, though.
     Using the free versions of those two sites, Weebly was much simpler to use, and I think I like it best. The Wix templates look cool, and I really can’t complain about a free site, but it’s harder to find / work with the html feature on there. Plus, everything is very touchy when you’re moving it around. But I liked the final result. Both were fun to build, but I’m not sure of how much help they’ll be or whether it’s worth the time to make more — when I could be spending that time designing and writing.
     It was fun putting this picture together, too. I especially like the fact that both men are the same guy — it has a creepy clone thing going on. I’ll have to make more of these collections, instead of just posting individual shirts here.
     Well, thanks for stopping by.
All images copyright MK Hess

Halloween Designs: Zombies and a Blended Family

Here are some more new designs in my HaHaHolidays Zazzle store. These are all zombie ones and a gory “blended family” pun that would be great for Halloween.


     I didn’t draw this one by hand. The elements come from public-domain images. The two vintage-looking people wielding the bat and the axe are from a book I found on Project Gutenberg. I fixed them up and added a zombie silhouette to the middle. Guns and fancy equipment are okay, but nothing is more fun than killing zombies old-school!

I Kill Zombies Old-School Tee Shirt Humor

Funny Retro Old School Zombie Killer T-Shirt on Zazzle

I Kill Zombies Old-School Humor Tee Shirt

Funny Retro Old School Zombie Killer Dark T-Shirt on Zazzle


     This one has a silly rhyme and a cartoon picture I doodled of a boy running from zombies. You’d better keep a-joggin’ if ya wanna keep yer noggin! I think it works well on a kids’ shirt. If you would rather make up your own phrase to go with the picture, the text can be customized on this one.

Silly Cartoon Zombies Tee Shirt Rhyme

Funny Zombie Joggin’ Noggin T-Shirt on Zazzle


     Zombie not weak. Zombie buff! The zombie on this shirt is in great shape – lifting weights that look like brains. Hence the words “Zombie buff.” Of course, the phrase also doubles to mean that you’re a fan of zombies.

Zombies Humor Tee Shirt

Funny Zombie Buff Pun T-Shirt on Zazzle

Zombies Humor Weightlifting Tee Shirt

Funny Zombie Buff Pun Dark T-Shirt on Zazzle


     A mind is a terrific thing to taste. The grinning professor zombie is holding a brain, giving the thumbs up.

Zombies Humor Pun Tee Shirt

Funny Zombie Professor Proverb T-Shirt on Zazzle

Zombie Humor Pun Tee Shirt

Funny Zombie Professor Proverb Dark T-Shirt on Zazzle


     The zombie professor came first, and then I used the same slogan for this design. It’s now my bestselling zombie design. Here it is on a shirt and a laptop sleeve:

Zombie Humor Pun Brain Tee Shirt

Funny Zombie College Logo T-Shirt on Zazzle

Zombie Humor Pun Brain Laptop Bag

Funny Zombie College Logo Laptop Sleeve on Zazzle


     And here’s a gory pun if you like dark humor. It would be fun to wear around Halloween. It says, “I come from a blended family,” and has a picture of some body parts in a smoothie, complete with eyeball on top.

Dark Humor Wordplay Tee Shirt

Funny Blended Family Pun T-Shirt on Zazzle

Dark Humor Wordplay Tee Shirt

Funny Blended Family Pun T-Shirt on Zazzle

     All these designs are available on more products in the HaHaHolidays store. Thanks for stopping by!


All images copyright MK Hess