Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Ignore the turkey – he’s in a bad mood today, for obvious reasons!

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Funny Thanksgiving Turkeys

Funny Thanksgiving Turkeys on Zazzle

     So far, I only have a couple Thanksgiving designs in my HaHaHolidays Zazzle shop, but I thought I’d go ahead and show them here because I probably won’t get more made this year. Christmas sneaks up too fast afterward, so I’m working on that — plus I’ve been experimenting with patterns and trying to learn new techniques with the free software, GIMP (which is very cool; I’m going to post links to some of my favorite tutorials soon, in case you’ve never tried the program and would like to do that).
     Anyway, here is a picture of the Thanksgiving designs. The angry turkey one is pretty straightforward, but the other t-shirt & the card are a little hard to read in this graphic. They both show a mutant creature that is part turkey and part Valentine’s Day heart, wearing a Santa hat and holding up a bottle of champagne. The creature is drunk and is saying, “Happy Thanksgivi-Christma-Valentine’s Day on Whatever Year This Is!”
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