My Clock Designs are 60% Off Today


The print-on-demand site Zazzle is having a 60% off clock sale today, for the Cyber Weekend deal. I think that’s the lowest clock discount I’ve ever seen on the site. If you’re looking for a new wall clock or a unique gift idea, I’ve created this collection of 52 of my favorite clocks. Don’t forget to use promo code CRAZYWEEKEND at checkout to get the discount:

The clocks offer a wide selection. You can add personal photos and text. There are styles for a coffee theme, brew pub, winery, mid-century modern decor, one that I think is really cool that has a bee, and many many more. I hope you find a great one for your home or for a Christmas gift.

In the meantime, I haven’t updated this blog very much lately. I mostly post on the blogger blog now, but I’ve been slacking off on that one, too. There are a few beginning GIMP tutorials there, though, if you’re interested in learning how to use that graphic program. Other than that, I’ve been doing nothing but designing and working on a sci-fi manuscript a little at a time.

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Cyber Monday 2: Return to Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2: The Cyber Returns

Don Draper on Cyber Monday

I had no idea there was a Cyber Monday 2. I guess this is something made up by advertisers to get everyone excited about more sales. According to the news, it’s also called “Green Monday” and is considered to be the Monday in December when consumers glance at the calendar with wide eyes and say, “Oh, sh*t! It’s December already?”

I only found out about it when Zazzle sent me an email that said “Cyber Monday is Back!” So, if you’re one of those people who’s really into sequels, it looks like there are some extreme percents off today. If not, go back to your cigarettes and booze and your rational fear of computers.


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Some Fun Personalized Playing Card Decks


If you’re still looking for a unique Christmas gift idea, Zazzle has one of their unannounced sales happening today until midnight PST. You can get the classic playing cards for 70% off with promo ZAZCYBERWEEK. This one is a really good deal at a great price – a whole personalized pack is about $3.50.

I have some fun ones. See the Bicycle brand versions in my blog post here (I give links to the “classic” versions with the same designs – the ones on sale – near the bottom of the post).

I also have this series, which is brand new. I just put them up for sale yesterday. They have a funny old-west feel. You can add your photo and name. Choose from six different colors:

Old West Custom Photo Personalized Red Wood Poker DeckOld West Custom Photo Personalized Red Wood Poker Deck

Old West Custom Photo Personalized Brown Wood Poker DeckOld West Custom Photo Personalized Brown Wood Poker Deck

Old West Custom Photo Personalized Gray Wood Poker DeckOld West Custom Photo Personalized Gray Wood Poker Deck

Old West Custom Photo Personalized Blue Wood Poker DeckOld West Custom Photo Personalized Blue Wood Poker Deck

Old West Custom Photo Personalized Purple Wood Poker DeckOld West Custom Photo Personalized Purple Wood Poker Deck

Old West Custom Photo Personalized Green Wood Poker DeckOld West Custom Photo Personalized Green Wood Poker Deck


























Thanks for having a look! I can’t decide which to order, but I do think 70% is hard to pass up and will probably get one of these old-west packs for a relative. I just have to decide before midnight. 🙂

MK Hess Creative

all designs copyright MK Hess

PS Sorry about the formatting / I can’t seem to get these centered right, and the promo will end before I figure it out! 🙂

Funny Tote Bags for Cyber Monday Sale

I’m trying not to post too much here about sales and deals because I know it gets kind of tedious, so instead I’ll give you this link to my Blogger blog, where I wrote a long post (with pictures!) about Zazzle’s morning deal on tote bags. 75% off makes these bags about $3 – which is very good. It ends at noon PST with promo ZAZCYBER2014. I have some for writers, readers, grandparents, holidays and other random funnies.

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Clock Gift Ideas for Every Style


Of all the print-on-demand products out there, one of my favorites to design is the clock. I guess I’m drawn to clocks because they can be artistic but also practical. I also like the challenge of trying to design for either a square or round clock face on Zazzle and blending the numbers into the design. That’s not always easy to do, especially if you’re working with a design that was originally made for a t-shirt or a lamp or a button. It’s a fun challenge, and I thought I’d show you some of the results here. Maybe you’ll find one you like. If you do, don’t forget to check Zazzle’s coupon page so you’ll get the best deal.

Here are some of the clocks I’ve made:

irish pub st patricks day personalized clock

Make your own Irish Pub clock with this easy-to-fill-in template. This design looks like green wood. All the text is customizable.

outer space tunnel numbers clock

If you’ve ever wanted to have a wormhole on your wall, this is the clock for you. This outer-space-inspired clock has numbers that get sucked into the middle infinitely.

small magellanic cloud space clock

The space image on this clock comes courtesy of NASA. It’s an image of the Small Magellanic Cloud. I added gold-colored Roman numerals to the galaxy / nebula image.

writer typewriter clock

This vintage-looking clock for writers has a typewriter, a notebook paper look and the words “WRITING TIME” instead of numbers. Personalize the text on the typewriter paper.

ship anchor clock with your name

Perfect for the saloon on your yacht – or simply for a nautical-themed room – this clock has a silver-colored anchor that you can customize. The numbers are white Roman numerals. Even the blue background can be changed.

merry christmas home decor clock

This pretty holiday clock has vintage-looking red typography that says, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.” There are no numbers but the red border marks the time with small squares.

fine art starry night van Gogh clock

Here’s a classic everyone knows: Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night. I thought it would look pretty with some gold Roman numerals added to it. I don’t usually use fine art, but I couldn’t resist making this after I found a good, high-quality copy of the painting and wanted to see how it would look.

strawberries watercolor wall clock

Strawberries everywhere. I’ve been learning how to make seamless patterns this year, and it was fun arranging these strawberries – sort of like figuring out a puzzle. I gave them a slight watercolor look and added white, outlined numbers.

vintage roman numerals blue marble personalized clock

This one is all about the numbers. I wanted to make them look fancy and old. I added a blue marbled background. What’s special about this one is that you can add your own words in a circle in the middle or delete the sample text to leave it blank.

kitty pun orange cat with your name clock

This cute clock has an orange cat and the punny words, “I’m Feline Fine. I’m Not Lion!” It’s on a pink, customizable background and you can either add a name or leave it blank.

art deco style fully customizable photo clock

This Art-Deco-inspired photo clock was interesting to design. I looked through antique clock books at the library and decided to do a design where the numbers weren’t in a predictable circle or square. You can add six photos and text in the middle. You can even “customize” to add a background color.

colorful bookshelf pattern clock

This is a fun, brightly-colored bookshelf pattern for readers and writers. The clock numbers are white.

personalized saloon clock with old wood look

All the text on this saloon clock can be customized. Done in shades of gray, blue and white, it’s made to look like worn wood.

personalized grapes / winery clock

This vintage-looking clock has a cluster of grapes behind a circle where you can add all your own text. It’s all in shades of beige, purple, green and gold. There are no numbers on this clock.

christian word art cross clock

This is another numberless clock. It’s word art done in the shape of a cross, with all Christian words.

antique ship sailing clock

An old, vintage tall ship forms the center of this clock, with an ancient blue map behind it and a circle with Roman numerals.

metal steampunk octopus kraken clock

The original steampunk octopus on this clock is done in gold coloring with plenty of gears. The dark blue background can be customized. The numbers are gold-colored Roman numerals.

pretty blue daisy floral clock

The stylized Daisy flower on this clock is original and drawn with twelve evenly-spaced petals, to correspond with the clock numbers. It’s a pretty and unique clock.

retro 1950s style diner personalized clock

This fun clock has a 50s Diner look. It has a pink-and-white checkered background with a diner sign where you can add your name. I made this one entirely by hand and like the result. HERE is an alternate square version where you can add a diner slogan and the year your diner was founded.

groovy hippie rainbow clock

This is a bright, swirly clock with a tiedye effect. Even the numbers are a rainbow of color.

white floral wreath clock in coral pink

A pretty, modern monogram clock with white stenciled flowers and white numbers. The coral pink background can be changed to any color you like. Easily add your own initial to the middle.

marijuana leaf / leaves pot weed pattern clock

Cannabis leaves make up this pretty pattern. It’s mostly green with a slight tiedye effect on the leaves. Perfect for the pot / weed fan. The numbers are white. Due to content policies, this clock is set to PG-13, so you’ll need to make an account and change your settings on Zazzle in order to see it.

retro typography parchment mom clock

If you’re going to call your mom the world’s best, you might as well do it in style. This vintage-looking clock says it in very fancy, flourished typography on a parchment-colored grunge background.

pretty rose vintage look clock

This pretty clock looks like the Victorian or Edwardian era with a single red rose, a parchment background with polka dots and black old-style numbers.

card suits personalized poker clock

Personalize your game room with this red, black and white card-suit clock. The numbers are placed over the hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. Easily add your own text to the middle.

Thanks for having a look at my clocks! If you find one you like, don’t forget to check Zazzle’s coupon page before you order. There are some good discounts this time of year.


All designs © MK Hess