My Top Sellers on Zazzle and CafePress

I have a few new funny designs in my Zazzle shop, but I thought I’d do a different kind of post this time. Like I said in my last post, this is my first time selling designs during the holiday season. I thought I’d celebrate that by showing some of the things I’ve been selling lately. So, here’s a little round-up.

My bestseller on CafePress:

Funny Elfin Xmas Design

Merry Elfin Christmas Men’s Pajamas on CafePress

My bestseller on Zazzle:

Funny Gingerbread Man Christmas Design

Ginger Bread Man on Zazzle

Here are a few other top sellers on CafePress:

Funny Albino Possum Vampire Design

Albino ‘Possum Vampire on CafePress

Funny Drinking Leprechaun

Funny Drunk “Go Green” Leprechaun Apron on CafePress

pretty Valentine's Day ladybug hearts T-Shirt

Love Bug Ladybug Maternity Top on Cafepress

And here are the next three top sellers on Zazzle:

Funny Ornamentary Xmas Sherlock Holmes Design

Sherlock Holmes Christmas Ornament on Zazzle

Funny 'Fro-Man Xmas Design

Funny ‘Fro Snowman Christmas Ornament on Zazzle

Vive la Revolution Solar System Design

Funny Planet Revolution T-Shirt on Zazzle

I appreciate all the customers who have enjoyed my designs. Thanks for stopping by!


HaHaHolidays on Zazzle

All images copyright MK Hess