Fun Gifts for Writers and Readers


If you have a writer or reader on your Christmas or birthday list, I compiled this list of gift ideas from my Zazzle stores. Hopefully, this list will help you find the right present for your writer or reader relative. Some of these items are funny, some are unique novelty items and some are practical. All are inspired by my own love of scribbling and getting lost in a good book. I also love a good deal, and you probably do, too, so if you find the gift you’re looking for, stop by Zazzle’s coupon page before you buy.

funny fiction writer shirt

The ultimate funny shirt for writers: I’m a Fiction Writer – Yes, I’m poor; No, I don’t wish I wrote ___; Yes, I’m aware that no one reads anymore; No, I’m not drunk.

leggings for a writer

Leggings for the woman who writes. The word “WRITER” is printed in white typewriter-style letters on both legs.

antique typewriter writer necklace

A classic gift idea: a necklace with a black, antique typewriter and the word “writer”

Writing Editor T-Shirt

An editing /revision design. “Don’t you forget to carefully edit your writing.” Edited, the sentence reads, “Don’t forget to edit.”

writing time writer clock with typewriter

A writer clock for your office. Instead of numbers, the clock says “writing time” in a circle. It has a worn paper look with a black typewriter. You can even customize the words on the typewriter paper.

Fiction Writer / Novelist Novelty Story Dartboard

What writer wouldn’t love this dartboard? Take a shot, make a plot. This tongue-in-cheek game board offers story prompts and character motivation ideas for when you’re stuck with writer’s block. Throw a dart and you have your story all worked out!

Funny rejection letter basketball hoop for writers

Hang this novelty basketball hoop over the trashcan and it becomes the perfect receptacle for rejection letters. “Insert rejection letters here.”

Pretty Emily Dickinson Surreal Book Poster for Readers or Libraries

This unique, pretty poster shows a ship made out of a book, complete with book birds, a paper dragonfly and balloon and some sea creatures. The Emily Dickinson quote says, “There is no Frigate like a Book / To take us Lands away.”

Funny "Let's Eat" Grammar Shirt for Writers and Grammar Snobs

Correct everyone’s grammar with this funny and slightly macabre t-shirt. “Let’s eat, Timmy” is correct at the dinner table. “Let’s eat Timmy” is correct on a raft in the ocean.

Colorful Bookshelf Pattern Kindle Case, Personalized

This pretty, brightly-colored bookshelf pattern will spruce up your Kindle case. On the front, you can even add your name to personalize it.

Skull and Cross Quills "Writer" Tote Bag

This writer bag design shows a skull with the word “writer” drawn into it. Instead of crossbones, it has crossed quill pens.

Violently Not Silently Correcting Your Grammar / Funny Writer Button

I’m silently correcting your grammar? No. Be less passive-aggressive with this farcical button: I’m violently correcting your grammar. One stick figure shoots the other with an arrow.

Funny Button for Mystery or Horror Writers: Plotting to Kill You

I’m Plotting to Kill You (in my novel) This grungy, vintage-looking button is perfect for mystery or horror writers.

Writer / Author Marketing Tool: Book Cover Business Cards

If you’d rather get your writer friend a practical gift, look no further than these book-promotion business cards. Of course, you’ll need their book cover image and their short blurb. If you know all the details, nothing is more useful for a book writer than a stack of business cards to help spread the word. All text and background colors are customizable.

Funny Chocolate Writer Rejection Cure Chocolate Bar, Personalized

If the query letters are piling up and you want to send a gift to cheer up a rejected writer, this 2 lb bar of chocolate should help. It says in fancy type: Chocolate: the Confection that Cures Rejection. Add a personal note, too.

Infinite Monkey Theorem Funny Writer Mug

If your friend or relative writes constantly and has a sense of humor, this mug might be the perfect present. A little understanding of Infinite Monkey Theorem might help, too.

Each design is available on lots of products. If you’d rather browse everything, you can find them in these 3 stores:

1. LaborAndLeisure: writer business products and lots of writing and grammar humor

2. BookParadise: a brand-new shop dedicated to reading that has two designs at the moment

3. HaHaHolidays: you’ll find the funny fiction writer t-shirt design HERE, on many more products

I hope you find the right gift for the writer or reader on your list!


All designs © MK Hess


Funny T-Shirt Design for Writers


Writing is my greatest passion; I even manage to get some humor published now and then. Because I love to write so much, I thought it would be easy to make writer designs for my Zazzle stores. But I ran into a problem: I don’t want to think about it when I’m designing t-shirts. You see, I make shirts when I’m taking a break from writing. That’s why I’ve only made a handful of designs for writers / authors. One of them has grown fairly popular, though — at least on Facebook and Tumblr — so I thought it was worth listing here. The rest are in the Writers section of my HaHaHolidays store or the Writers section of one of my newest (unorganized) stores.

1. Here’s the most popular version of it. I made this on a whim last fall, after scribbling it in my spiral “idea” notebook. It’s inspired by real life, of course. These are the answers to commonly-asked questions all writers hear when someone finds out you’re a writer.

Funny Tee Shirt Gift for Writers / Authors

Funny Fiction Writer Answer Sheet T-Shirt on Zazzle by HaHaHolidays

2. It started selling, and then I heard from a few writers who said the last line wasn’t always true. So, I recently made some alternatives. I like the plain-text design above, but the drawback is that plain-text designs are too easy to copy, so I fancied these up a little. I made a couple notebook designs, and crossed out the word “not” in the last line — for writers who are drunk. Here you go:

Funny Writer Tee Shirt Gift on Zazzle

Funny Fiction Writer Answer Sheet Drunk T-Shirt by HaHaHolidays on Zazzle

And here’s a different version, with a more subtle notebook paper:


Funny Writers Tee Shirts Gifts on Zazzle

Funny Fiction Writer Answer Sheet Paper Drunk T-Shirt by HaHaHolidays on Zazzle

It’s available on some other items, too. I like the yellow notebook one on a square button or magnet:

Funny Writers Pins Gifts on Zazzle

Funny Fiction Writer Answer Sheet Drunk Buttons by HaHaHolidays on Zazzle

It looks pretty good on a mug, too. I think the drunk one works best there — because you’re in the process of drinking:


Funny Writers Gift Drunk Drinking Mug on Zazzle

Funny Fiction Writer Answer Sheet Drunk Mug by HaHaHolidays on Zazzle

And here’s a bag for writers who still aren’t drunk (also available for those who are!):

Funny Writers Gift Bag on Zazzle

Funny Fiction Writer Answer Sheet Paper Bag by HaHaHolidays on Zazzle

I made it available on a lot of different products in four categories here. But if you’d like it on a product I haven’t included, send me a message. The message link is now at the very bottom of the HaHaHolidays store.

Next up:  more holiday designs.

And if you like young-adult horror-humor escapist fiction, I’ve made Run for Your Life! .99 through Halloween.

Thanks for stopping by!


All images copyright MK Hess

Halloween Zombie Skeleton Costume T-Shirt


     Hello! I haven’t updated this blog for a while. I spent the summer adding a few new designs to the HaHaHolidays store, but I mostly focused on my clogging store. As a result, the clogging store now has about 30 designs in it, and its sales have risen steadily over the summer.  In June, I made my funny monster book — Run for Your Life! — available as a Kindle e-book. So, if you like vampires, werewolves, zombies, lots of scared people running and getting stabbed in the forehead with paring knives, check it out!


    Last year, I got a late start on Halloween designs. I only had time to make one angry-looking pumpkin before it was all over. So, this year I’ve gotten an earlier start. I’ve added more zombie stuff and a couple more gory designs. Here’s the store category. I hope to add more soon. I also made my first costume shirt — here it is:


     I had a lot of fun making this because it was hard to figure out. I wanted it to look like the bones were showing through a shredded shirt… without actually drawing the ripped shirt parts, so it will work on whatever color you pick. I figured out how to do it using transparent areas. So, now you can have bloody, decayed-looking zombie bones showing through whatever shirt color you like:

Exposed Bones Costume Shirt

Halloween Zombie Skeleton Bones Inside T-Shirt on Zazzle

Exposed Decayed Ribcage Shirt

Halloween Zombie Skeleton Bones Inside T-Shirt on Zazzle

Well, I think this post is long enough. Besides, I have laundry to do. The rest of the zombies will have to wait until the housework is done.


All images copyright MK Hess