My Last Funny Easter T-Shirt (for this year)


Here it is: the last Easter T-shirt. This one is inspired by my love for Cadbury Creme Eggs, and my long-time wish that a strawberry-flavored “brain” egg existed. I always imagined it with a funny little scared face on the chocolate shell. Then, the person eating the egg (head) could pretend to be a zombie.

Zombury Creme Brain Tee Humor


The Easter T-shirt board I made has gotten a lot of attention, particularly one funny shirt I found on Zazzle (not one of my own, but I am flattered that some of mine have gotten re-pinned, too). But I’ve had the most fun looking up random topics & seeing other people’s boards. It’s a relatively new site, but it seems like there’s a board for every topic you can think of. All the delicious images of cake make me hungry, though.


Next, I’m making some Earth Day designs & some that don’t fit a holiday. Then I’m going to attempt to organize the Zazzle store, which is still a lot messier than the CafePress one.

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Pinterest Easter T-Shirts Board

I’ve been adding funny Easter T-Shirts to a Pinterest board. Here’s a link to the board.

I’ve also made a board that only shows my own Easter shirts here.

And I just started a board of funny shirts that don’t fit any holiday.


UPDATE: Here’s the Pinterest Easter board now. And here’s the funny board. I hope you find something that makes you laugh!

Easter T-Shirt #6: Egg-citement!


Here’s the new design I just added to the holiday shops at CafePress & Zazzle:

Easter Egg Hunt Tee

This one leans more toward cute. Silly cartoons are my forte.


The Pinterest Easter board is coming up next. Thanks for stopping in!

hahaholidays CafePress

hahaholidays Zazzle

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Funny Easter Chick T-Shirts

I have three new Easter designs up in my holiday shop on CafePress. Some of the CafePress stuff can be found in my Zazzle store, too — although it’s not organized very neatly yet. For my next post, I hope to point out others’ designs I like (here are a couple: a funny egg one;  a funny bunny one). Through posting my own, I’m finding a lot of other funny ones. I just signed up for Pinterest and plan on making a board of them. I’ll link to it here when it’s made. In the meantime, here are my 3 new designs, all featuring cartoon chicks & eggs:

Easter Tee Humor, Tote

A humorous basket of Easter eggs tee


What the PEEP are you lookin' at Tee Humor

hahaholidays Cafepress

hahaholidays Zazzle

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Two New Easter T-Shirts


With Saint Patrick’s Day nearly here, I’ve (reluctantly) put away the leprechaun sketches and started designing Easter shirts. My first draws inspiration from M.C. Escher’s tessellations (images that fit together like a puzzle). It was fun figuring out how to fit the chicks around the bunnies, and how to plant an egg basket right in the middle. Here’s the link to it on CafePress:


I have to admit, I’m not that passionate about the usual cute Easter bunny stereotype. So, I decided to create an Easter bunny villain. On this T-shirt, Bunnyzilla crushes an egg, squeezes a baby chick in its paw and wields a knife-like carrot. Run for your life! The Easter bunny monster is coming.


All images copyright MK Hess