My New Irish Pub Home Bar Design on Zazzle


Hello! I haven’t updated my blog for a while. I’ve been busy experimenting with designs. I spent most of January making random patterns, and then I spent February starting a new line of promotional items for authors and adding a few new Valentine’s Day designs. I thought it was a good time of year to try new things, since the holiday rush is over. Last fall, I made a line of saloon-themed products, and they’ve proven popular – especially the cork coasters. So, I decided to make a whole series. That way, you can outfit your home bar with whatever theme you’d like. I’ll probably be adding new themes here and there throughout the rest of the year. In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, I just finished this Irish Pub theme:

Personalized Irish Pub Home Bar Products on Zazzle

I started with the coaster (the image in the lower left) and then created matching items. Going clockwise from the coaster, this image shows a stein / mug, a clock, a hat, a wall poster, playing cards, a pillow and a t-shirt. There are plenty more matching items available in the FancyCelebration store here.

If you want to add a personal touch with an Irish theme, or if you know someone with a home bar or man cave, this design is very easy to personalize – just fill in the fields provided on each product page. And, as usual, don’t forget to check Zazzle’s coupon promo page to get a better discount.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


All images copyright MK Hess