My New, Bright Patterns on Zazzle


Happy New Year, everyone! We’re having negative temperatures and constant snow here. My barn cat is snuggled up on the porch next to a heater, and the chickens are locked up tight in the barn with extra bedding.

I thought January would be a good time to try something different with my Zazzle creations. The holiday rush is over, and with all the endless white and gray outside, I’ve been craving bright color. So, for the past couple weeks, I’ve been making some bright patterns and adding to one of my other stores, FancyCelebration. Let’s just say that prettiness and trendiness don’t come naturally to me. I usually go for weird and nerdy. But I’m having more fun than I imagined doing something outside my comfort zone – and it’s nice to take a break from holiday designs.

Here’s a glimpse of the new patterns on phone cases. This is a collage I put together on Polyvore here:

Unique Phone Cases, FancyCelebration store on Zazzle

Click on the picture to see all the electronics cases in my store. Here’s a link to the FancyCelebration store main page, too.

My overall favorite ones are the octopus, the seashells and the camouflage sheriff badge. The gear octopus was the hardest to make, but it looks cool on dark blue. The seashells remind me of a sunny beach, and I wish I was there right now. And the sheriff badge I made because it vaguely reminds me of “The Walking Dead.” Some designs really stand out nicely – I just made the pink lip pattern, and it looks great on black. I also like the tiger pattern and the purple chevron monogram one.

I hope everyone who’s affected by the bad winter weather is staying warm and finding good use for the days when you’re trapped inside.


All images copyright MK Hess, except the wood wallpaper background (see it here).