My Zombie T-Shirt is on Zazzle’s Main Page Today

I’m pretty excited about this because I’ve never had a design listed in “Today’s Picks” on the front page. My “I Kill Zombies Old-School” t-shirt is there today (the brown t-shirt on the right): Zazzle Main Page.

Here’s the shirt in my store, too.



Funny Thanksgiving Turkeys

Funny Thanksgiving Turkeys on Zazzle

     So far, I only have a couple Thanksgiving designs in my HaHaHolidays Zazzle shop, but I thought I’d go ahead and show them here because I probably won’t get more made this year. Christmas sneaks up too fast afterward, so I’m working on that — plus I’ve been experimenting with patterns and trying to learn new techniques with the free software, GIMP (which is very cool; I’m going to post links to some of my favorite tutorials soon, in case you’ve never tried the program and would like to do that).
     Anyway, here is a picture of the Thanksgiving designs. The angry turkey one is pretty straightforward, but the other t-shirt & the card are a little hard to read in this graphic. They both show a mutant creature that is part turkey and part Valentine’s Day heart, wearing a Santa hat and holding up a bottle of champagne. The creature is drunk and is saying, “Happy Thanksgivi-Christma-Valentine’s Day on Whatever Year This Is!”
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Zombie & Halloween Designs

Funny Zombies & Halloween on Zazzle
     Here are some of my zombie / Halloween – type designs on Zazzle. Halloween is coming up so fast! I’m busy working on Christmas and trying to navigate some website-building sites like Weebly (here’s one I made for my favorite funny holiday designs) and Wix (here’s one I just set up for a mixture of business cards). But so far, I’m not that skilled at promotion. I just figured out what an RSS feed is, and I’m still not sure if I know how to use it. I like to experiment and see what can be done, promotion-wise, though.
     Using the free versions of those two sites, Weebly was much simpler to use, and I think I like it best. The Wix templates look cool, and I really can’t complain about a free site, but it’s harder to find / work with the html feature on there. Plus, everything is very touchy when you’re moving it around. But I liked the final result. Both were fun to build, but I’m not sure of how much help they’ll be or whether it’s worth the time to make more — when I could be spending that time designing and writing.
     It was fun putting this picture together, too. I especially like the fact that both men are the same guy — it has a creepy clone thing going on. I’ll have to make more of these collections, instead of just posting individual shirts here.
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All images copyright MK Hess