A Couple More Funny Easter Designs

Here are two funny Easter designs I just added to my HaHaHolidays store on Zazzle. I think I’m done making Easter ones now and will probably try making some more beer labels next. Have a happy Saint Patrick’s Day this weekend!

1. “I Survived the Nor’Easter” with a bunny, chick, basket and egg being tossed on the wind:

Hurricane Rain Storm Easter Humor Cartoon

Funny “I Survived the Nor’Easter” T-Shirts on Zazzle

Available on buttons, bags, magnets & more here

2. The Easter Egg Protection Program. This mafia / gangster egg is saying, “You never saw nothin’, capiche?”

Easter Eggs Mafia Gangster Humor Cartoon

Funny Easter Egg Protection Program Buttons on Zazzle

Available on T-Shirts, magnets, bags & more here

3. I’m still very happy that this greeting card got a Today’s Best Award this week. Here it is again:

THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN STOLEN TOO MUCH, SO I’VE REMOVED IT. Here is the Funny Easter Bunny Horror Movie Greeting Card on Zazzle. Please buy it if you like it, or I won’t be able to afford to make designs anymore.

I made it available on some other items, too

Thanks for looking!


All images copyright MK Hess


my funny holiday store on Zazzle

the main Zazzle website

my Pinterest Easter board

Funny Holiday Gifts on Weebly: featuring the funniest Zazzle holiday-themed gifts


Time for Funny Easter Designs

Easter comes up so fast after Saint Patrick’s Day, but I’ve managed to make some new T-shirt and greeting card designs for it. Here are some of the new funny cartoons in my HaHaHolidays store on Zazzle.

1. This one got a “Today’s Best Award” (TBA) on Zazzle today, even though I just added it last night. It’s a greeting card that shows an Easter bunny horror movie:

THIS IMAGE REMOVED BECAUSE OF CONSTANT THEFT. Here is the Funny Easter Bunny Horror Movie Greeting Card on Zazzle. Please buy it if you like it, so I can afford to make more designs. Thank you!

2. This is the first invitation I’ve made. It’s for an Easter egg hunt. The back has space for all the party details:

Here is the link for the Funny Eggcited Easter Egg Hunt Party Invitations on Zazzle.

3. The two eggs on the right are also on this design that I originally made last year:

So Eggcited Easter Egg Picture

Funny Cute Easter Eggs Cartoon T-Shirts on Zazzle

The site Zulily recently bought a couple maternity tops with this design through CafePress’s marketplace – I think for resale. That’s the first time I’ve ever had another company buy one of my products.

4. “Help me. I’m dyeing.” An Easter egg pun design:

Easter Egg Humor Cartoon

Funny Easter Egg Dyeing T-Shirts on Zazzle

5. I originally made this MC Escher Easter tessellation last year, but I fixed it up and made it into a repeating pattern this year. Here it is on a pillow, with bunnies, chicks and baskets all blending together:

Funny Bunny Chick Basket Art

MC Escher Easter Bunnies Chicks Pattern Pillows on Zazzle

6. And here are a couple more I fixed up: a basketcase and a peepin’ angry chick

Funny Faced Eggs Basket Humor

Funny Basketcase Easter T-Shirts on Zazzle

Peepin' Angry Chick Bird Humor

Funny Tough Easter Chick Buttons on Zazzle


Here’s the Easter section of my Funny Holiday Gifts website, where I’m highlighting all my favorite funny designs, including those from other Zazzle designers. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, maybe you’ll find the right gift there.


And here’s my “Funny Easter” board on Pinterest, where I’m collecting my favorites.

Thanks for taking a look!



All images copyright MK Hess

One More Christmas Design and a New Clogging Shop

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.

I’ve been selling a reasonable amount of the “Merry Elfin’ Christmas” design with the negative elf on it, so I decided to make a version where he has a grin on his face instead (I like to think this one is the good twin and the other is the bad twin). I’ve already posted the original. Here’s his new grinning twin (who’s elfin’ excited!):

Happy Elf Xmas Humor T-Shirt


I’ve also opened a separate shop on Zazzle for clog dancers. I’m a long-time clogger (I started in 4-H when I was a little kid), so I’m excited to be making designs for this fun hobby. Here’s the link to my new store and some of my designs so far:

Clog dancing Clogger T-Shirt DesignClogger Dance T-Shirt Shop

Clogger Tee Shirt DesignCloggin Dance T-Shirt DesignClogger Dance T-Shirt bag

Funny Clogger Dance T-Shirt

Funny Clogger Clogging T-Shirt ButtonClogging Clogger Sticker MerchandiseI’m thinking about setting up a separate blog for the clogging designs, since they don’t fit the holiday theme here. If I do that, I’ll update this post with a link to it here. UPDATE: here’s my new clogging blog. In the meantime, I have some more patterns and a couple more funny things on the holiday shop. And the Funny Christmas Pinterest board, featuring other designers’ products as well as my own, has grown to about 20 items and will hopefully grow more as I come across designs I like.  Thanks for stopping by!


HaHaHolidays Zazzle

ClogDance Zazzle

HaHaHolidays CafePress

All images copyright MK Hess

Funny Christmas Shirts Pinterest Board

Now that this Pinterest board has reached 15 pins (update: 35 pins now), I decided it was time to post the link here. This is the board I’m making to highlight funny Zazzle Christmas designs I like. I’ll keep adding to it as I find more: Pinterest board: funny Christmas on Zazzle.

If you’d like to see my designs, the Zazzle store is up-to-date. I’m still updating the CafePress one. Thanks for stopping by! Next time, I’ll show some more of my stuff here. I’ve been having fun torturing marshmallows, and I’m excited to show the result of that.


Yo Mama for Earth Day

Here’s my latest shirt: “Yo Mama” for Earth Day. Yo Mama is the whole planet! When I was growing up, my mom would actually sign notes she wrote us with “Love, yo mama” (usually telling us to stay out of trouble while she was at work). We didn’t really listen to those notes, and my mom wasn’t really the size of the planet, but I thought this would make a funny design for Earth Day.

Mother Nature Planet Humor Tee

I now have 15 pins on the funny Earth Day Pinterest board, too.


All images copyright MK Hess

Pinterest Earth Day Board (& New Design)

I learned that CafePress has been going through some site updates and that’s what has caused the marketplace problem. When I checked today, it looks like shirts are starting to appear now. Still, I’ve moved a lot of designs to Zazzle, so it’s worth trying the other if one is temporarily problematic.

Here’s the new funny Earth Day board on Pinterest. I’ll keep adding to it as I find things that make me laugh (I’m putting my designs there along with other Earth-themed stuff I like).

And here’s the latest design:

Earth Day and Astronomy Tee Humor

I doodled an early version of this for a friend and she thought it would look cute on a shirt. Earth is such a snob!


All images copyright MK Hess

My Last Funny Easter T-Shirt (for this year)


Here it is: the last Easter T-shirt. This one is inspired by my love for Cadbury Creme Eggs, and my long-time wish that a strawberry-flavored “brain” egg existed. I always imagined it with a funny little scared face on the chocolate shell. Then, the person eating the egg (head) could pretend to be a zombie.

Zombury Creme Brain Tee Humor


The Easter T-shirt board I made has gotten a lot of attention, particularly one funny shirt I found on Zazzle (not one of my own, but I am flattered that some of mine have gotten re-pinned, too). But I’ve had the most fun looking up random topics & seeing other people’s boards. It’s a relatively new site, but it seems like there’s a board for every topic you can think of. All the delicious images of cake make me hungry, though.


Next, I’m making some Earth Day designs & some that don’t fit a holiday. Then I’m going to attempt to organize the Zazzle store, which is still a lot messier than the CafePress one.

Thanks for reading!