Funny Valentine’s Day Designs

I can’t believe we’re already a month away from Valentine’s Day! After all the Christmas rush, I spent some time trying new designs. I opened a store for the prettier ones called Fancy Celebration, and I’ve added a section for Valentine’s Day/ love. I also designed my first business cards. I thought making business cards would be boring, but I’m having fun with it. I’ll have to do a post showing some of them soon. But for now I wanted to post some of the funnier Valentine’s Day designs. Here they are:

IMAGE REMOVED BECAUSE OF CONSTANT THEFT. Here is the Bigfoot Valentine’s Day Pun Postcard on Zazzle. Please purchase it if you like it. It’s cheap, and I’m starving.

It can be customized to say “birthday.” It’s also available in the store as a full card.

Here’s another one with the same striped background. This is a photo card. You can put your own face or your loved one’s face inside the bear. Then, on the inside, it says, “Don’t I look good in a teddy?” But if you put your sweetheart’s face in the bear instead, you can change it to, “You look good in a teddy.”

Teddy Bear Lingerie Pun Humor

Funny Valentine’s Day Teddy Photo Frame Card

Here are a few funny shirts. These designs are available on other items, too.

Lovebird Humor on Zazzle

Funny Lovey-Dovey Valentine’s Day Dove Shirt

Valentine's Day Archery Humor on Zazzle

Funny Valentine’s Day Heart Running from Arrows Shirt

Valentine's Day Humor Shirt

Funny Valentine’s Day Heart with Arrow T-Shirt

Here are a couple I made last year, when I was just starting to make designs:

Love Bug Ladybug with Hearts Jewelry

Cute Love Bug Valentine’s Day Ladybug Necklace

Valentine's Day Humor Cartoon

Funny Monster Eat Your Heart Out Coffee Mug

And here’s a cuter design I made recently:

Adorable Bread / Toast Pun Shirt

Cute Crust on You Valentine’s Day Pun T-Shirt

That’s it! All these designs are available on more products in my stores. But if you’d like it on a different item, let me know and I’ll make it for you. In the next post, I’ll show some general humor.


HaHaHolidays on Zazzle

FancyCelebration on Zazzle

ClogDance on Zazzle

All images copyright MK Hess