My New Halloween Party Invitations


Hello! I’m so excited about these new Halloween party invitations because they’ve been so much fun to make, I don’t want to move on to Christmas designs. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I can’t believe I didn’t make that many designs for it in the past. This year, I’ve made 8 new invitations, and if you look in the Halloween category in the FancyCelebration store, I’m also adding other matching items as well.

Here are the Halloween party invitations:

Halloween Party Invitations by FancyCelebration on Zazzle

I loved making the zombie girl and the creepy twins. The cauldron and the brain ones really catch your eye. And you can’t go wrong with graveyards and haunted houses. I have plenty of ideas for more – but they’ll probably have to wait until next year. If you want to read more about my designs and see some basic GIMP tutorials and writer prompts, stop by my blogspot blog here.


Looking for a funny, spooky book to read this Halloween? Check out RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

All designs copyright MK Hess


Zombies and Pumpkins and So Many New Designs


I didn’t make any new designs for awhile because I took a break to rewrite an old novel manuscript. But now that the rewrite is winding down, I’m also making T-Shirts again. I started a little late for Halloween, but I did manage to draw this scary pumpkin:


I also added two new zombie designs. In the first, a very wise professor-type zombie holds a brain and waxes poetic:

On the second design, a buff zombie lifts brain weights. The wearer is a zombie buff… and the zombie is buff. Who knew the undead could be so clever?

These designs are available on bags and buttons and all kinds of other things, too. Both CafePress and Zazzle keep adding more and more product types. I’ll post again soon because I have even more designs, including some pretty silly Christmas ones. Thanks for stopping by! Here are my stores on both sites:

Zazzle HaHaHolidays Store

CafePress HaHaHolidays Store


All images copyright MK Hess