Cyber Monday 2: Return to Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2: The Cyber Returns

Don Draper on Cyber Monday

I had no idea there was a Cyber Monday 2. I guess this is something made up by advertisers to get everyone excited about more sales. According to the news, it’s also called “Green Monday” and is considered to be the Monday in December when consumers glance at the calendar with wide eyes and say, “Oh, sh*t! It’s December already?”

I only found out about it when Zazzle sent me an email that said “Cyber Monday is Back!” So, if you’re one of those people who’s really into sequels, it looks like there are some extreme percents off today. If not, go back to your cigarettes and booze and your rational fear of computers.


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Funny Tote Bags for Cyber Monday Sale

I’m trying not to post too much here about sales and deals because I know it gets kind of tedious, so instead I’ll give you this link to my Blogger blog, where I wrote a long post (with pictures!) about Zazzle’s morning deal on tote bags. 75% off makes these bags about $3 – which is very good. It ends at noon PST with promo ZAZCYBER2014. I have some for writers, readers, grandparents, holidays and other random funnies.

-harymess 🙂