Cyber Monday 2: Return to Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2: The Cyber Returns

Don Draper on Cyber Monday

I had no idea there was a Cyber Monday 2. I guess this is something made up by advertisers to get everyone excited about more sales. According to the news, it’s also called “Green Monday” and is considered to be the Monday in December when consumers glance at the calendar with wide eyes and say, “Oh, sh*t! It’s December already?”

I only found out about it when Zazzle sent me an email that said “Cyber Monday is Back!” So, if you’re one of those people who’s really into sequels, it looks like there are some extreme percents off today. If not, go back to your cigarettes and booze and your rational fear of computers.


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My Funny Christmas Designs on Zazzle

Funny Christmas at
     Here’s an overview of my funny Christmas designs on Zazzle. I had the most fun making the mug (on the right side, above the ‘Fro-Man ornament). The little marshmallows are drowning in hot chocolate! The “Ginger Bread Man” (a redheaded slice of bread) is also one of my all-time favorites. I’d like to write some stories with him as a character. The one in the middle (Merry Elfin Christmas with a bitter elf) sells the best.
     In other news, I’ve been revising an old science-fiction manuscript and plan to send it to a few agents this week. I’m nervous about it because I haven’t sent queries for a while — but I would love for this book to be published traditionally, since that’s always been a dream of mine. Out of all the stories I’ve written, this one is my favorite.
     Aside from that, I’ve started a new blog on Blogger here. I like WordPress better, but I’m not allowed to show anything here except my own designs. So, I’m going to be using the Blogger blog to show off all kinds of things, from a bunch of designers. Feel free to follow there if you’d like to see more variety! I’ll post there more frequently than I post here, too. I also plan to mix it up with posts made to inspire writers and short tutorials going over the basics of GIMP.
     Thanks for stopping by! Zazzle has a lot of coupon discounts leading up to Christmas.
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