Popular Home Bar Saloon Personalized Coasters on Sale

With the Black Friday Week 2014 deals on Zazzle right now, my popular saloon coaster set is 20% off. These fun coasters have a gray-blue rustic wood grain effect and would look good in a home bar or man cave. You can add your name, monogram and the year your saloon was established:

These would make a great unique, personalized Christmas gift!

Use coupon promo code ZWEEKOFDEALS at checkout.


MK Hess Creative

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Beer, Revolution and My Attempt at Designing Pretty Things

Next time, I’m going to start posting all the new Christmas designs. But in the meantime, I’ve managed to make a few designs that don’t fit a holiday.


This one started as silly wordplay. I thought, “Everyone says ‘beer me’ when asking for a beer, so what if I made a shirt where the beer is ‘me’?” A beer version of a person (albeit a funny-faced, cartoon person) resulted:

Beer Humor Tee


This one is full of equally nerdy wordplay (or possibly more nerdy). The weapon-wielding planets are undergoing a revolution… around the sun, of course:

Science Nerd Solar System Tee Shirt

Here it is on a shirt:

Science Nerd Solar System Tee


I’ve done some experimenting with patterns and prettier designs. I’ve never done this before, but I think some of them have turned out nicely. It’s fun to try something different. Here are a few of them:

iPhone Peppermint Pattern Design

This one is a peppermint swirl iPhone 5 case. I’ve always had a fascination with peppermints; my grandma used to eat them all the time, so I associate their smell with her house and my childhood.

Here it is on a pendant. The bright red stands out really well:

Peppermint pattern necklace design

I took a ladybug design I already had and redesigned it to make this iPhone pattern:

Ladybug Love Insect Pattern Design

I also made some products with ants crawling all over them, but I’m not sure that fits the “pretty” category.

Next up: some funny Christmas stuff. I’ve been looking forward to making elves and gingerbread men since I started this adventure last Valentine’s Day.

You can see these designs and the Christmas ones I’ve already put up for sale on the stores at Zazzle and CafePress right now. Thanks for stopping by!


All images copyright MK Hess

A Design for Women Who Brew Beer

I have a brother who brews beer for a living and he owns a lot of beer-themed T-shirts. He inspired me to make this design for women who love to brew beer. It’s available on CafePress and Zazzle, on all kinds of items. Here’s how it looks on a few products:



Woman Home Brewer Tee
Woman Home Brewer Tee
It’s available on a lot more items on both sites. Here are the links to my stores:
Thanks for stopping by!
All images copyright MK Hess

New Funny Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun T-shirt

Maybe I was inspired by the fact that one of my brothers brews beer for a living, or maybe I just wanted to play around with the words “go green” (meaning “sick” here instead of environmentally friendly). In any case, I really had fun making this new Saint Patrick’s Day leprechaun T-shirt. You can see it on my HaHa Holidays shop on CafePress by clicking the image below.Drunken "Go Green" Leprechaun Tee

UPDATE: Now on Zazzle:

Drinking Leprechaun St Patrick's Humor Cartoon

Funny Go Green Drunk Leprechaun T-Shirts on Zazzle

Go Green Drunk Leprechaun Humor Cartoon

Funny Go Green Drinking Leprechaun T-Shirts on Zazzle

All images copyright MK Hess