A Couple More Funny Easter Designs

Here are two funny Easter designs I just added to my HaHaHolidays store on Zazzle. I think I’m done making Easter ones now and will probably try making some more beer labels next. Have a happy Saint Patrick’s Day this weekend!

1. “I Survived the Nor’Easter” with a bunny, chick, basket and egg being tossed on the wind:

Hurricane Rain Storm Easter Humor Cartoon

Funny “I Survived the Nor’Easter” T-Shirts on Zazzle

Available on buttons, bags, magnets & more here

2. The Easter Egg Protection Program. This mafia / gangster egg is saying, “You never saw nothin’, capiche?”

Easter Eggs Mafia Gangster Humor Cartoon

Funny Easter Egg Protection Program Buttons on Zazzle

Available on T-Shirts, magnets, bags & more here

3. I’m still very happy that this greeting card got a Today’s Best Award this week. Here it is again:

THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN STOLEN TOO MUCH, SO I’VE REMOVED IT. Here is the Funny Easter Bunny Horror Movie Greeting Card on Zazzle. Please buy it if you like it, or I won’t be able to afford to make designs anymore.

I made it available on some other items, too

Thanks for looking!


All images copyright MK Hess


my funny holiday store on Zazzle

the main Zazzle website

my Pinterest Easter board

Funny Holiday Gifts on Weebly: featuring the funniest Zazzle holiday-themed gifts


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