Newest Funny Saint Patrick’s Day Designs

Saint Patrick’s Day is Coming: Wear the Green!

Here are my new funny Saint Patrick’s Day designs on Zazzle. St. Paddy’s Day comes up so fast after Valentine’s Day that I’m going to have to remember to plan way ahead for next year. That probably won’t happen; there are too many other holidays to work on in-between. Here’s what I’ve managed to make since last year, though. And remember: if you see a picture you like but you want it on a T-Shirt instead of a button, for instance, I probably have it in my Zazzle holiday store here, under the “Saint Patrick’s Day” category. But if I don’t, click on the “Send Message” link near the bottom of the store sidebar and request it. Thanks for looking and enjoy the leprechauns!

Here are 10 designs from my store:

1. A funny, lucky leprechaun. He might look a little familiar, because his cousin is this elf.

I make my own luck leprechaun humor picture

Funny Angry Lucky Irish Leprechaun Button on Zazzle

2. The same leprechaun, except this time he’s a movie tough-guy:

Funny Saint Patrick's Day Leprechaun Humor T-Shirt

Funny Tough Lucky Drunk Leprechaun Button on Zazzle

3. Lepre Khan: not as famous as Genghis, but just as fierce:

Funny Leprechaun Humor T-Shirt Horse Picture

Funny Lepre Khan St Patrick’s Day Button on Zazzle

4. Leprechaun-Pitcher Pitchin’ Champion: a design for those who are the best at tossing leprechauns into pitchers, sort of like beer pong — but greener. Plus, the leprechauns cry when they hit their heads.

Leprechaun Toss Humor Picture Beer Pong

Funny Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Pitcher Button on Zazzle

5. St. Paddy’s Brewing Co.: A Little Leprechaun in Every Swig

Beer Leprechaun Humor T-Shirt Picture

Funny Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Brewery Button on Zazzle

6. The same image on a custom beer label. You can personalize the text on these with your own name and the date, and then add them to your home brewed beer.

Funny Leprechaun Microbrewery Bottle Label Picture

Saint Patrick’s Day Home Brew Beer Bottle Labels on Zazzle

7. Another beer one, for all year, not just St. Patty’s Day: I have a drinking problem; I ran out of beer!

Funny St Patrick's Day Beer Humor T-Shirt

Funny Drinking Beer Button on Zazzle

8. A shamrock design with the words, “May your St Patty’s Day be Bleary, Beery and Oh So Cheery.”

Green Shamrock St Patrick's Beery Cheery T-Shirt

Funny Saint Patrick’s Day Beer Button on Zazzle

And a couple from last year:

9. Lepre Con, the leprechaun mugshot, seen here on a T-Shirt:

Funny Lepre-Con Convict Criminal Leprechaun Picture

Funny Leprechaun Mugshot T-Shirt on Zazzle

10. The “Go Green” leprechaun who’s had too much green beer:

Funny Saint Patrick's Day Drinking Leprechaun Beer T-Shirt

Funny Go Green Drunk Leprechaun Button on Zazzle

Check out the Funny Holiday Gifts website:

Thanks for looking! And if you still haven’t found the design for you, check out the Saint Patrick’s Day Humor section of my Funny Holiday Gifts website. I’ve gathered my designs there, alongside all the best St Paddy’s humor from other Zazzlers. And if that still doesn’t work, search Zazzle yourself.

Good night and good luck,


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All images copyright MK Hess


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