One More Christmas Design and a New Clogging Shop

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.

I’ve been selling a reasonable amount of the “Merry Elfin’ Christmas” design with the negative elf on it, so I decided to make a version where he has a grin on his face instead (I like to think this one is the good twin and the other is the bad twin). I’ve already posted the original. Here’s his new grinning twin (who’s elfin’ excited!):

Happy Elf Xmas Humor T-Shirt


I’ve also opened a separate shop on Zazzle for clog dancers. I’m a long-time clogger (I started in 4-H when I was a little kid), so I’m excited to be making designs for this fun hobby. Here’s the link to my new store and some of my designs so far:

Clog dancing Clogger T-Shirt DesignClogger Dance T-Shirt Shop

Clogger Tee Shirt DesignCloggin Dance T-Shirt DesignClogger Dance T-Shirt bag

Funny Clogger Dance T-Shirt

Funny Clogger Clogging T-Shirt ButtonClogging Clogger Sticker MerchandiseI’m thinking about setting up a separate blog for the clogging designs, since they don’t fit the holiday theme here. If I do that, I’ll update this post with a link to it here. UPDATE: here’s my new clogging blog. In the meantime, I have some more patterns and a couple more funny things on the holiday shop. And the Funny Christmas Pinterest board, featuring other designers’ products as well as my own, has grown to about 20 items and will hopefully grow more as I come across designs I like.  Thanks for stopping by!


HaHaHolidays Zazzle

ClogDance Zazzle

HaHaHolidays CafePress

All images copyright MK Hess


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