The First of the Christmas Designs


I’ve had a lot of fun making Christmas designs so far. I thought I’d never have more fun than I did putting leprechauns into bad situations, but it’s hard not to laugh at elves and gingerbread men. Here are the ones I’ve enjoyed making the most so far:

Ginger Bread Man Humor Design

Bah Humbug Angry Elf Xmas Design

Xmas Humor Design Tee

Funny ‘Fro Snowman Christmas T-Shirt on Zazzle

They’re all available on lots of items. I’ll post more soon. I’ll also do a Pinterest board of all my favorite funny Christmas designs from other designers, too.


I’ve always hesitated to use Facebook, but I decided to give one of their business pages a try. I’m in the process of learning how to navigate the site and post links to my designs. Here’s the new page. Thanks for looking.


HaHa Holidays on Zazzle

HaHa Holidays on CafePress

All images copyright MK Hess


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