The First Earth Day Shirt


I couldn’t stop laughing while I was making this one. For some reason, drawing the little guy flying through the air, throwing himself in front of a lightning bolt (like you would take a bullet) to save a tree really amused me. I had to stop drawing sometimes, lest I mess up. Here it is:

Save a Tree Humor Tee

Farce always gives me the giggles.


Next, I will be riding a tiny bicycle across a tightrope (just kidding). Next, I’m working on some more earthy designs. I’m also becoming more acquainted with what does or does not qualify as “G” on Zazzle, for instance (I had to make my case for my albino possum vampire shirt, because of the word “sexy”). In upcoming posts, I plan to post a link to a Pinterest Earth Day board and write a personal post about why I decided to start this funny business of designing silly T-Shirts in the first place.


HaHaHolidays Zazzle

All images copyright MK Hess


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