My Last Funny Easter T-Shirt (for this year)


Here it is: the last Easter T-shirt. This one is inspired by my love for Cadbury Creme Eggs, and my long-time wish that a strawberry-flavored “brain” egg existed. I always imagined it with a funny little scared face on the chocolate shell. Then, the person eating the egg (head) could pretend to be a zombie.

Zombury Creme Brain Tee Humor


The Easter T-shirt board I made has gotten a lot of attention, particularly one funny shirt I found on Zazzle (not one of my own, but I am flattered that some of mine have gotten re-pinned, too). But I’ve had the most fun looking up random topics & seeing other people’s boards. It’s a relatively new site, but it seems like there’s a board for every topic you can think of. All the delicious images of cake make me hungry, though.


Next, I’m making some Earth Day designs & some that don’t fit a holiday. Then I’m going to attempt to organize the Zazzle store, which is still a lot messier than the CafePress one.

Thanks for reading!



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