A Funny Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Mugshot T-Shirt


This is my newest design on CafePress. It’s a picture of a “lepre con” — a tough convict leprechaun getting his mugshot taken. I can’t decide if it’s my favorite or not (every new one I draw seems to be my newest favorite), but my family/friends think this is the funniest yet. See what you think. If you click on the image, it will take you directly to the product page on HaHa Holidays.

UPDATE 2013: this design is now primarily being sold through Zazzle. Here it is in the HaHaHolidays store there:

Leprechaun Convict Humor Drawing Design

Funny Leprechaun Lepre Con Mugshot T-Shirts on Zazzle


I’m also experimenting with other screen-print websites. Zazzle looks good. I’ve tentatively opened a shop there (also called HaHa Holidays), and tried uploading this leprechaun mugshot as my first endeavor, but I have a lot to learn. After finally getting acquainted with CafePress, it will take time to figure out the differences on other sites. I can’t wait to learn, though, because each site offers its own line of products — and I’ve heard Zazzle is good. One step at a time.

Thank you for visiting!

Zazzle: HaHaHolidays

CafePress: HaHaHolidays

All images copyright MK Hess


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