New Funny Holiday Shop… and More


I’m excited to introduce my new shops on CafePress. Using the links below or by clicking on a design you like here, you can go directly to the CafePress shops, where I’m selling T-shirts, bags, buttons, phone cases, and much more. Please stop by and see if there’s anything you like. And be sure to come back because these shops — and designs — are brand new.


My HaHa Holidays shop focuses on funny designs for every holiday. I’m working my way around the calendar. Right now, you can find Valentine’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day designs. Here’s a preview:

1. This monster / heart design has been pretty popular in the CafePress marketplace. It’s my top seller so far. I had a lot of fun making it, particularly its sharp teeth and bulging eyes. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, but can be worn all year.

Valentine's Day "Eat Your Heart Out" Monster Tee

2. This design has sold well, too.  It’s my favorite so-far. I put it in the holiday shop because it would be good for Halloween, but you could wear it all year and it’s really inspired by the Twilight movies and books. Vampires aren’t the only pale, sexy creatures of the night. Albino ‘possums know that.

Twilight Parody Opossum Vampire Tee

3. Here’s my newest and favorite Saint Patrick’s Day design… although I have about 15 more I’m creating right now. This poor leprechaun has no luck at all. He’s crushed under a pot of gold, holding shriveled shamrocks and lying in a pool of rainbow blood. Yes, he has the luck of the Irish!

Leprechaun Under Pot of Gold Tee

Here are some more designs available:

Vintage Art Deco Heart T-Shirt, Tote Bag Design

Love Bug Lady Bug T-Shirt, Button Design


I’m always adding more designs. I’ve also started a couple more shops to place the designs that aren’t for holidays. Here are the links to those:

Funny T-Shirts and More : This shop features mostly funny designs that can be worn all year. It’s even newer than HaHa Holidays, so keep checking back.

ClogDance : Nothing is funnier than clog dancing… well, nothing is funnier than me clog dancing! I’ve never been good enough for America’s Got Talent, but I’ve loved clogging since I was nine. I opened this shop to feature shirts based on that passion.

Please stop by my shops. Thanks for visiting!

All images copyright MK Hess


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